On the 1st of January 2012, new National Harmonisation Laws were introduced in Australia which require all businesses to demonstrate that they have a live Work, Health and Safety (WHS) system in place. WHS was formerly known as OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety).

These laws will impact all businesses, including yours. Businesses that cannot prove due diligence with regard to WHS may face on the spot fines of $6,000. WorkSafe is monitoring compliance through unannounced site visits. To safeguard your business, it is of paramount importance that you ensure your compliance with these laws.

ASPS Council considered the new legislation and resolved to support its members by recommending a provider to work with our members to better understand their risk and to reduce it progressively.

A letter with attachments has been sent to all members.This is an offer only and the choice of provider remains with our members.

MONIT is offering ASPS members a solution at a reduced price point. MONIT has positioned its offer with the intent of building a long term relationship with ASPS and as such will maintain this preferential pricing offer for the duration of the association with ASPS. The Society does not receive any financial benefit as part of this offer.

The benefits for ASPS members:

  • Reduced pricing of $110 per month down from $142 per month for the services provided by MONIT;
  • ASPS members will continue to receive the MONIT product at the reduced rate for the duration of our association;
  • The opportunity for annual risk management and educational workshops for members;
  • For an additional cost, MONIT will ‘walk through’ your individual practice to identify key risks and how to reduce these risks.

The benefits for ASPS:

  • Facilitation of a valuable membership offering that will assist our members to meet mandatory WHS obligations;
  • Provision of annual reporting on trends and risks;
  • MONIT will attend ASPS state based meetings, on request, to discuss the changes to the legislation and the new requirements for your practice.

Council will regularly review the offer and any feedback from membership. Once again, this is a membership offer and you are under no obligation to take it up.

Please direct all your queries about this service to MONIT at or call Darren Oversby on 0404 812 553 and quote ID Number 1704.