Advertising Review

Advertising Review

The Society began a review of members’ websites in late 2012. The November 2012 Email Update advised members of the following:

“The various advertising rules and regulations for the medical profession can be a confusing environment for members to navigate. This has prompted calls from members to the ASPS Council to provide some guidance, especially in relation to websites. In November, ASPS Council tasked the secretariat to review all ASPS members’ websites with the aim to alert members to any potential breaches. This is not a policing exercise. It is an in-house review, as a courtesy for members. External reporting is not part of this exercise. Results will not be published and will not be distributed to other members.”

The review is now complete. Council considered a report on the review in February 2013 which found that there are multiple breaches, both straightforward, for example compliance in relation to S4 drugs, and subjective, for example “in good taste” or”consistent with community standards”.

ASPS secretariat created a checklist for compliance with advertising regulations and codes.
Download the checklist.

Ethics Committee Chairman, Garry Buckland, sent a letter to members regarding the review. Individual members may wish to contact Greg Eliovson at the ASPS Office (02 9437 9205) to discuss the particulars of the review of their own website. It is then a decision for the member to decide whether or not to make a change.

We will retain the information for a limited time, to end of 31 March 2013, thereafter the records will be de-identified and may be used in the future for benchmarking purposes only.