Cosmetic Services Review – March 2015

Cosmetic Services Working Group (updated March 2015)
The Department flagged a new working group tasked with the review of cosmetic services as they relate to the MBS.
The ASPS Representative was Hugh Bartholomeusz (QLD)
ASPS submitted a draft proposed definition of “cosmetic” and a rationale to DoHA in June 2014. The working group met on 2 December 2014 and propossed a new definition.

Overview: A consultation draft paper was circulated for discussion at the inaugural meeting on 28 April 2014. An action coming from the first meeting was to collate definitions of “cosmetic” and the rationales for the definition from all stakeholders.

The ASPS Executive Committee agreed to the definition and rationale put forward by AMA. ASPS submitted a proposed definiton for ‘cosmetic’ to DoHA in June 2014.

Historical documents are archived below for reference:
– Read ASPS letter to DoHA regarding the proposed definition (June 2014).
– Read the letter from DoHA (Nov 2013).