MBS Review Taskforce – November 2015

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce (Taskforce) is led by the Dean of the University of Sydney Medical School, Professor Bruce Robinson. Clinical review of MBS items is undertaken by Clinical Committees and Working Groups.

ASPS representatives on the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinical Committee, when it rolls out in 2016, are Tony Kane, Immediate Past President ASPS, and Dan Kennedy, elected ASPS Councillor. Tony and Dan are coordinating the Society’s input and members can contact them directly with any comments or information related to the MBS Review.

Contact Tony:
Email anthonykane@me.com
Mobile 0418 190 395

Contact Dan:
Email dankennedy@plasticsurgeon.com.au
Mobile 0411 872 379


Consultation, September 2015

The MBS Review Taskforce released two consultation papers on 27 September 2015. Submissions were due by 9 November 2015.


Further information

In Scope of the MBS Review

  • All current MBS items and the services they describe;
  • Increasing the value derived from services;
  • Concerns about safety, clinically unnecessary service provision and concurrence with guidelines;
  • Evidence for services, appropriateness, best practice options, levels and frequency of support; and
  • Legislation and rules that underpin the MBS.

Six priority review topics are flagged for review by the end of 2015: diagnostic imaging; ear, nose and throat surgery; clinical haematology; obstetrics; thoracic medicine; gastroenterology; and rules and regulations.

Read more from DOH about the review.