MBS Skin Services Review: Mohs Surgery – 13 May 2016

On 4 May the Department of Health notified ASPS that the Government agreed to implement the skin services review outcomes in full, commencing 1 November 2016.

Since then, the department learned there is some uncertainty regarding the effect of the changes on the items for Mohs surgery (MBS items 31000, 31001 and 31002).  The department confirms in a letter dated 13 May 2016 these items have not been altered as a result of the skin service review.  Flap and graft items as well as MBS item 31340 (removal of cartilage below skin) will still be permissible with these items.  The department will amend the proposed descriptors for the flap items to ensure the Mohs surgery items are referenced.

Read more from DOH about the review.

Changes to the skin excision and flap repair services as at 1 November 2016

Please read the correspondence from the Medical Specialist Services Branch regarding the new structure for skin services in the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Included is the new item structure as it should appear on 1 November 2016 for skin excision and flap repair services.

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