NEW ASPS Item Number Advisory Panel (AINAP) – 15 February 2019

NEW ASPS Item Number Advisory Panel (AINAP)

The AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS has formed the ASPS Item Number Advisory Panel (AINAP). AINAP comprises a pool of senior members who will be called upon to review enquiries and provide a recommendation.

Please be advised that AINAP should not replace your usual practice of seeking a second opinion about ambiguous cases and should be used as a last resort.

Role of panel

To provide additional support regarding item number interpretation. It will not look to condone inappropriate or fraudulent use of item numbers.

Additionally, panel feedback is the opinion of an advisory committee of experienced practitioners in the field and is not legal advice. It has no special status under the Health Insurance Act and in particular, does not bind the Commonwealth Department of Health.

How Do I Submit Cases to AINAP?

Members are invited to submit cases by email to ASPS, directed to
The email should include, de-identified photos, a brief history and the item numbers being considered by the member.