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Australasian Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Network (APRSRN) aims to improve the science of plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is a practice-based research network that supports the development of high-quality research skills through equal partnership between clinicians and research academics. APRSRN is an initiative of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, comprising of 20 members across Australia and New Zealand.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons excel in surgery that spans multiple medical conditions, fields, and patient groups. This Publication Showcase is a “snapshot” of the quality research that has been produced by APRSRN members since 2021. This snapshot is by no means exhaustive, as there are many Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Australasia, outside of the network, who have produced equally significant research. Instead, the purpose of this “snapshot” is to highlight Plastic Surgeons’ commitment to advancing evidence-based practice, fostering innovative techniques and ideas, and committing to improved outcomes for patients, in all areas of practice.

APRSRN members are leaders in in Plastic and Reconstructive research, producing an impressive total of 193 publications in peer-reviewed journals since 2021. The impact and reach of these publications are worldwide with citations from these publications increasing exponentially each week. The breadth of research is extensive, from Basic Science, to Aesthetic, Cancer, and Reconstructive surgery (Figure 1). There is no doubt that Plastic and Reconstructive Research will continue to grow in Australasia and impact upon medical/surgical care, patient outcomes, infrastructure, science/technology, policy and planning.

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