Members – APRSRN


Members of the Network include: Mark Ashton, Sydney Ch’ng, Heather Cleland, Rod Cooter, Nicola Dean, Anand Deva, Michael Findlay, Mark Gianoutsos, David Hunter-Smith, Wayne Morrison, Tony Penington, Warren Rozen, Ramin Shayan, Jonathan Stretch, Swee Tan, Michael Wagels and Fiona Wood.

 AestheticBreastBurnsCleft Lip and PlateCraniomaxiloacialGeneral ReconstructionHandHead and NeckMelanoma and Skin CancerPaediatricTechnology and Preoperative Investigations/Imaging
Mark Ashton
Sydney Ch’ng
Heather Cleland
Rod Cooter
Nicola Dean
Anand Deva
Michael Findlay
Mark Gianoutsos
David Hunter-Smith
Richard Lewandowski
Wayne Morrison
Tony Penington
Warren Rozen
Ramin Shayan
Jonathan Stretch
Swee Tan
Michael Wagels
Fiona Wood