2012 Presentations SET 2-5 Conference

27 February – 1 March 2012
The Sebel & Citigate Hotel
King George Square, Brisbane, QLD



Download the 2012 Program.



Monday, 27 February 2012: Abdominoplasty (Hugh Bartholomeusz); Brachioplasty / Thigh Plasty (Gerard Bayley); Breast Mastopexy / Reduction in Weightloss Patients (Dan Kennedy); Oral Tumours (Del Hinckley); Laryngeal Tumours (James Emmett); Salivary Tumours (James Emmett); Management of Head and Neck Tumours (Del Hinckley); Management of Neck Nodes (Gerard Bayley); Place of Radiation in Head and Neck Cancer (Sandro Porceddu).


Tuesday, 28 February 2012: Oral Cavitiy Reconstruction (Del Hinckley); Scalp Reconstruction (James Emmett); Mandibular Reconstruction (Tony Kane); Diagnosis & Management of BCC (Paul Millican); Diagnosis & Management of SCC (Richard Lewandowski); Diagnosis & Management of Dermal Tumours (Paul Millican); Diagnosis & Management of Melanoma (Gerard Bayley).


Wednesday, 29 February 2012: Lower Limb Trauma (Paul Belt); Decision on Salvage and Local Options (Tony Kane); Abdominal Wall Recontruction including Necrotising Fascitis (Tony Kane).


Thursday, 1 March 2012: Zygomatic Fractures (Susan O’Mahony); Nasoethmoidal Fractures (Susan O’Mahony); Maxillary Fractures (Richard Lewandowski); Mandibular Fractures (Richard Lewandowski); Complex Facial Fractures (Richard Lewandowski); Sternal Reconstruction (Shireen Senewiratne); Facial Paralysis Causes and Reconstructive Options (Richard Theile, David Theile).