Fellowship Membership

Newly qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons, whilst undertaking further post fellowship specialisation and having successfully completed SET and obtained a FRACS, are eligible to apply for Fellowship Membership. The benefits and privileges of Fellowship Membership are the same as that of Ordinary Member except exclude the right to vote at Society General Meetings. The one off membership fee of $100 applies for the duration of the Fellowship Membership. Contact us for more information.

Ordinary Membership

Newly qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons, having successfully completed SET and obtained a FRACS, are eligible to apply for Ordinary Membership. In their first year of clinical practice, Ordinary Members receive a 50% discount on the annual subscription levy. Ordinary members receive ASPS Council election ballots and are eligible to vote at Society General Meetings. Contact us for more information.

Trainee Associate Membership

ASPS President, Prof. Mark Ashton, would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a Trainee Associate Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Inc (ASPS). In joining ASPS, you will become a part of a dedicated group of surgeons with a shared mission to provide the highest quality of Plastic Surgery care to all Australians. The Society exists to provide professional representation in common interests.

In a rapidly changing work environment ASPS will continue to provide professional support to you and represent you at a state, national and international level. The Council of the Society meets during the year to discuss issues that of relevance to the Society including professional standards and ethics; scope of practice and regulatory environment; continuing education and training; emerging trends for our members; MBS Fees Schedule and other issues.

ASPS Council set the joining fee to $0 to encourage trainees to join.

Download the Trainee Associate Member application form and fact sheet which outline the terms and conditions of becoming a Trainee Associate Member. If you have any queries regarding membership please contact us with your request.

Note: Upon completion of SET training, Trainee Associate Members are given a grace period of 90 days or until the next ASPS Council meeting, whichever is longer, to apply for membership. If an application is not lodged, membership privileges are revoked.

Benefits and Privileges

ASPS membership entitles you to the following benefits and privileges (which may change from time to time as we explore more opportunities for our members):

  • Access to a collegiate peer network
  • Eligibility to access the American ASPS Trainee Forum (trainees only) or the American ASPS International Membership (ordinary / fellowship members only)
  • Eligibility to apply for an ASPS email address (
  • Inclusion in the Membership Directory updated annually
  • Access to the ASPS website (secure log in section)
  • Offers from AVANT including a competitive indemnity insurance rate
  • Discounted Qantas Club Corporate Membership
  • Elsevier Publications discount
  • Access to the Mercedes Benz Corporate Program (usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies)
  • Discounts and loan opportunities from Canon Rewards Club
  • Special member rates to the biannual Plastic Surgery Congress (international speakers, Master classes, workshops)
  • Trainee Associate Members and Fellowship Members receive full membership benefits including all Society communications as well as invitations to attend Society General Meetings. However, these membership categories are not eligible to vote at Society General Meetings or stand for office.