Dr Siobhan Fitzpatrick’s 3M Thesis – Repairing the Gap

Dr Siobhan Fitzpatrick’s 3M Thesis – Repairing the Gap

Dr Siobhan Fitzpatrick is a dedicated young doctor, on the path to becoming a plastic surgeon.  She completed her medical degree and then attained a Masters in Surgery from the University of Sydney.
Following her junior doctor years, she decided to do a PhD in an important area of Plastic Surgery before undertaking the RACS SET training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Under the supervision of Associate Professor Nicola Dean and Professor David Watson, she is researching the health impact of rectus diastasis (separation of the tummy muscles) following pregnancy.  She has engaged hundreds of women through her research website “Abdomicare”  and is conducting 4 major studies.  Her research and her gift of clear communication has earned her interest on both national and international stages for presentations and she has recently won the 3 minute thesis competition for Flinders University.  She will be proceeding to the Asia-Pacific finals of the 3MT competition in the next 6 weeks and will no doubt do Australia proud. For more information on this area, head to Information for Patients, and to find out more about Dr Siobhan Fitzpatrick’s research visit her website AbdomiCare.

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