In Memory

19282004Barnett John (VIC)
19672010Bernard Simon (VIC)
19302004Bremner John (WA)
19262014Brown Kenneth (QLD)
19241992Chandler Roderick (NSW)
19371993Cole Owen (VIC)
 19352017Conolly William (Bruce) (NSW)
19131998Davies Llewellyn (QLD)
19172012Dey David (NSW)
19542010Dowling Guy (VIC)
 19372011Everingham William (QLD)
19322018Fry Hunter (VIC)
19202009Furber Thomas (NSW)
19202011Gibson Edward (NSW)
19222011Gunter George (VIC)
19312015Ham Frank (VIC)
19362020Hokin John (SA)
19261993Hueston John (VIC)
19492016Jenkins Andrew (QLD)
19762020Lang Clayton (SA)
19572019Lawrence Julie (SA)
19001996Le Souef Leslie (WA)
19412014Lewis Alfred (NSW)
19362002MacLeod Allan (VIC)
19342018Marshall Donald AM (VIC)
19242012McComb Harold (WA)
19272011McEwan Lena (SA)
19362002Milroy Barrie (NSW)
19302015Mitrofanis Christos (NSW)
19231995Newing Richard (VIC)
19241993O’Brien Bernard (VIC)
19231990O’Mara Maxwell (NSW)
 19091982Pelly Anthony (NSW)
19542018Quinn Michael (NSW)
 19112002Rank Benjamin (VIC)
19241992Reich Julien (VIC)
19732014Ribeiro Noel (WA)
18961981Riley Basil (NSW)
19242000Robinson Donald (SA)
19322016Rozner Leo (VIC)
19372017Smith Robert (NSW)
19172006Stephenson Arthur OAM (TAS)
19442014Stott Wayne (VIC)
19252011Sweeney Noel (NSW)
19411998Teh Ben (NSW)
19312009Thompson Robert (VIC)
19401997Threlfall George (NSW)
19392018Turner Alister (WA)
19332006Vasilescu Constantin (QLD)
19362020Watson Richard (SA)
19392013Wheeler Robert (WA)
 19432009Wilson William (VIC)

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