In Memory

19282004Barnett, John (VIC)
19672010Bernard, Simon (VIC)
19302004Bremner, John (WA)
19262014Brown, Kenneth (QLD)
19342021Buntine, John (VIC)
19241992Chandler, Roderick (NSW)
19371993Cole, Owen (VIC)
19352017Conolly, William (Bruce) (NSW)
19131998Davies, Llewellyn (QLD)
19172012Dey, David (NSW)
19542010Dowling, Guy (VIC)
19372011Everingham, William (QLD)
19252022Forbes, David (NSW)
19322018Fry, Hunter (VIC)
19202009Furber, Thomas (NSW)
19202011Gibson, Edward (NSW)
19222011Gunter, George (VIC)
19312015Ham, Frank (VIC)
19442022Harper, Warwick (NSW)
19362020Hokin, John (SA)
19261993Hueston, John (VIC)
19492016Jenkins, Andrew (QLD)
19762020Lang, Clayton (SA)
19572019Lawrence, Julie (SA)
19001996Le Souef, Leslie (WA)
19412014Lewis, Alfred (NSW)
19362002MacLeod, Allan (VIC)
19342018Marshall, Donald AM (VIC)
19242012McComb, Harold (WA)
19272011McEwan, Lena (SA)
19362002Milroy, Barrie (NSW)
19302015Mitrofanis, Christos (NSW)
19231995Newing, Richard (VIC)
19241993O’Brien, Bernard (VIC)
19231990O’Mara, Maxwell (NSW)
19202020Robert Pearce (WA)
19091982Pelly, Anthony (NSW)
19542018Quinn, Michael (NSW)
19112002Rank, Benjamin (VIC)
19241992Reich, Julien (VIC)
19732014Ribeiro, Noel (WA)
18961981Riley, Basil (NSW)
19242000Robinson, Donald AM (SA)
19322016Rozner, Leo (VIC)
19372017Smith, Robert (NSW)
19172001Stephenson, Arthur OAM (TAS)
19442014Stott, Wayne (VIC)
19262011Sweeney, Noel (NSW)
19292021Taylor, Bruce (NSW)
19411998Teh, Ben (NSW)
19372022Thompson, Philip AM (NSW)
19312009Thompson, Robert (VIC)
19401997Threlfall, George (NSW)
19392018Turner, Alister (WA)
19332006Vasilescu, Constantin (QLD)
19292022Walker, William (NSW)
19362020Watson, Richard (SA)
19392000Wheeler, Robert (WA)
19432009Wilson, William (VIC)

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