Rural and Regional Workforce

Despite almost 30% of the Australian population living in regional or rural areas less than 10% of Specialist Plastic Surgeons work in these areas. Irrespective of community need, there is a large discrepancy between the metropolitan and regional, and rural Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (P&RS) workforce. This is not unique to the P&RS workforce. There is a longstanding recognition that the regional and rural health workforce must be better supported, better encouraged, and better retained in order to ensure regional and rural communities are not disadvantaged when compared with their metropolitan counterparts.

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Specialist Plastic Surgeons Dr Mikko Larsen, Dr Alex Cameron, and Dr Jaeme Zwart discuss the Rural & Regional Surgical Program including some challenges and benefits of operating a practice in rural or regional Australia.

We also hear from RACS president A/Prof Kerin Fielding on the RACS Rural Health Equity Strategy. View the webinar here.

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View the presentation here.

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