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Mapping Burn Surgery in Australia

Commissioned by ASPS, in partnership with Avant, May 2022.

The safe and successful management of serious burn injuries is a major challenge at any time for each patient and their family, the specialist workforce, major burns units, and the health and welfare system as a whole. “Mapping Burn Surgery in Australia” was commissioned by ASPS, in partnership with Avant (May 2022). The report highlights major findings including; Patient burn needs, Cost of burn surgery care, Models of Care, Burn surgery training, Career and Future work expectations of trainees and surgeons.

Research articles on Rural Surgery

Research on rural and regional surgery in Australia highlights several critical challenges and developments in providing surgical care to remote communities. Key issues include limited access to specialised surgical services, a shortage of skilled surgeons willing to work in these areas, and the logistical difficulties of providing comprehensive healthcare in geographically- isolated regions. Studies emphasise the importance of innovative solutions such as telehealth, mobile surgical units, and improved training programs tailored for rural/regional practice to bridge these gaps. Collaborative efforts between government, healthcare and educational stakeholders are crucial for enhancing the quality and accessibility of surgical care in rural and regional Australia. Additionally, policy reforms and financial incentives are necessary to attract and retain surgical professionals in these underserved areas, ensuring equitable healthcare for all Australians. Please find below a collection of reference articles published about rural and regional surgery in Australia.

Publications 2019 – present

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Publications prior to 2019

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