ASPS Staff

Chief Executive Officer: Kim Hanna

Chief Operating Officer: TBA

National Education and Training Manager: Gregory Eliovson

Education and Training Administrator: Jacqueline Knox (part-time)

Office Managers: Sarah Magnus and Julia Davenport (part-time)

Finance Officer: Jennifer Nesini (part-time)

Marketing Manager: Karen Waddell (part-time)

Membership Manager: Vanessa Soady (part-time)

Project Manager: Denise Sorrell (part-time)

Special Projects Officer: John Kelman (part-time)

MBS Specialist Officer: Kimiko Grayson (part-time)

Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery (AJOPS)

AJOPS Managing Editor: Jacqueline Spedding (part-time)

AJOPS Editorial Assistant: Vanessa Soady (part-time)

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