Becoming a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

The specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is one of nine surgical specialties governed by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). Entry into the Surgical Education and Training (SET) program is highly competitive.

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The SET training programs aim to produce the highest quality Fellows who are capable of building on a tradition of skill and excellence in serving the community and the profession of surgery.

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Governance documents for the Surgical Education and Training (SET) program.

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The Curriculum for the SET Program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery consists of ten (10) surgical topics of equal weighting, six (6) essential surgical competencies (also referred to as non-technical skills) and surgical sciences and principles.

SET trainees are provided a copy of the Curriculum upon entry into the SET programme. Trainers and Supervisors can request a copy of the Curriculum from ASPS National Education and Training Manager;

Section 1 – PRS Surgical Sciences and Principles

1.1 Surgical Sciences Relevant to Plastic Surgery

1.2 Plastic Surgery Principles and Techniques

Section 2 – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Competencies

2.1 Malignancies of Skin and Soft Tissue

2.2 Other Skin and Soft Tissue

2.3 Burn and Cold Injury

2.4 Aesthetic Surgery

2.5 Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

2.6 Head and Neck

2.7 Hand and Upper Limb

2.8 Breast Reconstruction

2.9 Chest, Truck and Perineum

2.10 Lower Limb Trauma and Reconstruction

Section 3 – Essential Surgical Competencies (non-technical competencies)

3.1 Communication

3.2 Teamwork and Collaboration

3.3 Management and Leadership

3.4 Health Advocacy

3.5 Scholarship and Teaching

3.6 Professionalism and Ethics


Appendix 1: Paediatric Plastic Surgery

Appendix 2: Microsurgery

Trainees for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are competitively selected based on their potential to become the best surgical leaders and ability to provide the highest quality of patient care.

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Plastic surgery trainees are trained at State Government accredited training posts throughout Australia. These posts are mainly located at major teaching hospitals and undergo a strict accreditation review process.

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Information for International Medical Graduates.

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