ASPS launches new digital campaign ‘Meet the Master Crafters’

ASPS launches new digital campaign ‘Meet the Master Crafters’

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), has launched a new digital campaign via full-service indie, Claxon. This is the first work to market since Claxon was appointed as ASPS’s creative and media agency in a competitive pitch earlier this year. Claxon’s remit covered media and creative strategy, creative concept and education and digital media spend and placement.

The objective of the “Meet the Master Crafters” campaign is to highlight the specialist training and qualifications of ASPS specialist plastic surgeons and their advocacy for patient safety. Created using generative AI technology – a first for the plastic surgery sector – the campaign launches across paid and owned assets including SEM, Facebook and programmatic Display.

Dr Sarah Tolerton Meet the Master-Crafters Campaign
Dr Dan Kennedy Meet the Master Crafters campaign
Dr Craig Layt Meet the Master-Crafters campaign

Danny Molyneux, Chief Strategy Officer, Claxon said: “We love a brave client who is prepared to pioneer the integration of AI and design into what is traditionally a more conservative field, in order to get their important messages across to Australians who may be considering or undergoing plastic surgery.

“Meet the Master Crafters is about creating a deeper connection with Australians considering or undergoing plastic surgery. It doesn’t depend on showcasing what ASPS surgeons do; it goes much deeper and tells a compelling story about ASPS’ commitment to excellence and patient safety.”

Meet the Master Crafters turns the microscope onto ASPS surgeons, highlighting their authentic human-side by sharing insight into their lives, passions and experiences outside of the operating theatre. The campaign aims to build trust with consumers and cleverly weaves in ASPS’ messages of higher qualifications and patient safety by building the association that ASPS specialist surgeons are Masters Crafters of their profession and ‘FRACS* is the gold standard’ of qualification.

Victoria Hutchinson, Art Director, Claxon said the innovative campaign reflects a forward-looking approach and vision for the future of plastic surgery.

Hutchinson said: “By embracing AI, humanity and design, the campaign forges a new era in this sector and we are thrilled ASPS has been fearless enough to embrace the technology and lead with a first-of-its-kind initiative for their specialist field. Hutchinson continued: “We have used supplied imagery of the three specialist surgeons who front the campaign, and then used the brilliance of generative AI to place them in simulated environments which talks to their lives outside of their craft, be that as a farmer or theatre or ballet devotee. “

Dr Nicola Dean, President of ASPS, said: “ASPS advocates for patient safety and welfare with transparency of the surgeon’s true qualifications and expertise. “We are delighted this unique digital campaign will help highlight the key differences in surgical training between specialist surgeons and non-specialist practitioners and will help Australians who are considering plastic surgery make more informed choices about the specialist plastic surgeon they choose.”

Meet the Master Crafters launches on July 31 running across digital and social channels for four weeks, with the expectation the campaign will be extended across more channels in future.

For further information, pls contact Sandra Hogg, Mohr PR on +61 403 823 218

Note to editors: *FRACS is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is a non-profit organisation with a membership that represents 95% of plastic surgeons in the country, ASPS encompasses professionals practicing in both the reconstructive and cosmetic fields, across private and public hospitals. Surgeons undergo a rigorous training process that spans at least five years of specialised surgical education, culminating in a total of 12 years of medical and surgical training. All ASPS members hold a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS Plast).

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