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“A podcast series for anyone who’s considering having plastic surgery, and for those who may be supporting someone who will require a procedure.”

This curated plastic surgery podcast series features qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons debunking myths and answering some of the most frequently asked questions in a language that is easily understood. The Plastic Surgeon and I seeks to be a source of truth in a time of misinformation.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) represents the majority of Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Australia, both reconstructive and cosmetic. ASPS main role is to protect the integrity of plastic surgery as a specialty, and our mission is to provide the highest quality plastic surgery care to all Australians.

If listening to this series sparks any questions for you, please find a specialist surgeon in your area to discuss them with.

Scroll down to review the topics our members have covered this year:

Episode 12: Associate Professor Nicola Dean – Gender affirming surgeries for adults

For some in our community whose gender identity doesn’t align with their body, it can be frustrating to seek services or procedures in a fragmented and costly system. An application has been made to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) to have gender-affirming surgeries added to Medicare, which aims to reduce confusion and out-of-pocket costs for patients.

The president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Associate Professor Nicola Dean, discusses the current process in Australia for those seeking solutions to gender-affirming surgery, including referral options. 

For more information about a specific surgery, you can browse the procedures page here.

Episode 11: Professor Mark Ashton – Managing expectations for your surgery

If you’re considering plastic surgery for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, the first step is ensuring your surgeon is trained in the area you’re seeking and to the standard of the Australian Medical Council. That’s according to Prof. Mark Ashton, Clinical Professor of Surgery and Honorary Professor of Anatomy at the University of Melbourne. 

Some people, he says, have unrealistic expectations about what plastic surgery can achieve or the results it can yield. And so, it’s important to discuss your options with an AMC-accredited surgeon who are all Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Prof Ashton explains what patients should do before and after surgery, how to convey their expectations to a surgeon, and the various outcomes after a procedure.

For more information about a specific surgery, you can browse the procedures page here.

Episode 10: Dr Shagun Aggarwal – Outcomes of breast reduction

Women with overly large breasts may face a variety of issues, including discomfort, physical pain and emotional concerns. Breast reduction is a life-changing procedure for the many thousands of women across Australia who undergo surgery each year. Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Shagun Aggarwal explains the process of breast reduction surgery, as well as the potential risks and complications, scarring, post-operative care, how Medicare may cover the costs, and if additional surgery is required at some stage.

For more information breast reductions, visit our procedures page here.

Episode 9: Dr Kirstin Miteff – Breast reconstruction following mastectomy after cancer treatment

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction following a mastectomy involves multiple factors, including the tumour size, breast size and overall health of the woman. According to plastic surgeon Dr Kirstin Miteff individualised medical consultations are important for women to fully understand the risks and benefits of surgery and choose the right procedure. Breast reconstruction not only restores physical appearance but also has profound psychosocial, sexual, and functional effects, improving a woman’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

This episode of The Plastic Surgeon & I provides valuable insights into breast reconstruction options, their significance in cancer treatment, and the need for improved accessibility and awareness.

More information is also available on our procedures page here.

Episode 8: Dr Jeremy Rawlins – Scar revision, modern treatments for scars

The body’s natural ability to heal damaged skin leaves a scar. The appearance of the scar is dependent on the nature of the injury, the skin type, location of the scar and so on. Those and other factors may determine the treatment and management of the scar. Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Jeremy Rawlins explains the common scars he comes across, his holistic approach given to scar revision, and the surgical and non-surgical scar treatments including new and evolving technologies. More information is also available on our procedures page here.

Episode 7: Dr Jonathan Azzopardi – The facelift

Dr Jonathan Azzopardi, a specialist plastic surgeon who focuses on facial aesthetic rejuvenation, is our guest on Episode 7 of The Plastic Surgeon & I podcast. Dr Azzopardi covers some common questions about what is involved in a facelift, what determines an individual’s suitability, and whether it is a once-off procedure for all. More information is also available on our procedures page here.

Episode 6: Dr Robert Toma – Surgery for regional & rural patients

Based in Warrnambool, Dr Robert Toma discusses the importance of access to healthcare in a timely manner, what to think about as a patient, how post-op care works at a regional level, and just how many procedures can be done in rural and regional centres. More information for rural & regional patients can be found here.

Episode 5: Dr Kim Taylor – Cosmetic Tourism

Join Melbourne based Plastic Surgeon Dr Kim Taylor as she talks about the rising popularity of Cosmetic Tourism and the often unknown risks patients need to consider. More information on cosmetic tourism, including the risks and ASPS reccomendations can be found here.

Episode 4: Dr Nick Moncrieff – Abdominoplasty

Don’t miss this informative, in-depth interview with Newcastle-based plastic surgeon Dr Nick Moncrieff on Abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck). More information on abdominoplasty, can be found here.

Episode 3: Dr Fiona Wood AM – Burns

Dr Fiona Wood AM, plastic surgeon and world-leading burns specialist joins this episode to share how you can be part of the first response burns team at home, as well as discussing burns treatment, the scarring and healing processes. More information on burns and treatments, can be found here.

Episode 2: Dr Brigid Corrigan – Breast surgery

Dr Brigid Corrigan, plastic surgeon based in Perth talks through reasons for breast surgeries at different ages. If you’ve ever wondered ‘is this the right time for me?’, then this episode could be for you. More information on breast surgeries, can be found here.

Episode 1: Professor Mark Ashton – How to choose a surgeon?

If you’re considering surgery, supporting someone on their journey or just interested – don’t miss this chat with Professor Mark Ashton. Understanding what to look for in a surgeon’s title and how to check if they are fully qualified are critical steps to take to ensure the best outcome for you, the patient. All ASPS members are fully qualified plastic surgeons, you can find our directory here.

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