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Curriculum development and implementation 2016 – 2023

Video Explainers: Competency Based Training

Curriculum Review and Development

Curriculum review 2016 – 2018. In May 2019, the P&RS Oversight Committee approved the 2019 Curriculum.

Implementation of assessment and curriculum 2019-2023. The Board completed a pilot of three new assessment tools for competency-based surgical training (OFF, CFF, CBD) in February 2020. Through 2021 gradual increases in the number of WBAs was introduced. In 2022 the new cohort of trainees will commence the revised program, called SET 2022, with existing trainees remaining in the time based program, now called Legacy SET, until they transition to SET 2022 by 2023 (with exception of the SET 5s in 2023).

New IT system launched February 2022. Starting in December 2020, in collaboration with RACS, the Board and ASPS have helped RACS develop a new system to effectively manage trainee’s journeys through SET. The system is called the Training Management Portfolio (TMP).

Transitioning into competency based SET in 2023. By Term 2 2022, all trainees will be advised of their anticipated stage of SET in 2023 (with the exception of SET 5 trainees). Read more in the Training Regulation: Transitioning Arrangements.

Video Explainers: Competency Based Training

An overview of what competency based training is.

Changes to the Professional Performance Assessment form is in effect in Term 2 2021.
Programmatic assessment – What is it?
Workplace based assessment: Operative Feedback and Clinical Feedback Forms.
Workplace based assessment: Case Based Discussion form

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