Selection for Training

Last Updated: 27 August 2020

Trainees for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are selected on a competitive basis. Strict eligibility criteria apply and are published annually on The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) website. The P&RS Regulations for Selection are subject to annual review, and are published on this page each November.

All enquiries must be sent in writing to

2020 Selection: In Progress

Important Notice:

27 August 2020: The Board approved an interview declaration and guide for candidates.

18 June 2020: Regulation clause modified to 17 April 2020.

19 May 2020: Modified Selection Regulations for 2020 are approved and published online.  For downloads see the link further below.

Contact with all inquiries or further information.

24 March 2020: Selection was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 November 2019: The approved Selection Regulations for 2020 are published.  See download link below.

Important changes to the modified 2020 selection regulations (version 2, 18 May 2020)

Documentation valid dates for the structure CV tool:

  • New addendum for selection during COVID-19 added as clause 1.4.
  • Relevant dates can be found in section 2.1.
    • No credit will be given for experience gained after 25 March 2020, with the exception of research presentations.
    • Last five (5) years means 26 March 2015 to 25 March 2020, inclusive.
    • Last three (3) years means 26 March 2017 to 25 March 2020, inclusive.
    • Last two (2) years means 26 March 2018 to 25 March 2020, inclusive.
    • Research presentations accepted prior to 25 March 2020, inclusive, may be creditworthy. Research presentations (oral or poster) are restricted to the last five years (5.8.8.).
  • Commencing in 2020, applicants will be limited to three eligible attempts (section 2.8). An “eligible attempt” is defined as an application that qualifies as having met the Minimum Eligibility Requirements. Attempts made prior to 2020, will not count towards the limit. Feedback to applicants will include the number of remaining attempts.
  • Meeting creditworthiness is restricted to attendance in the last five years (
  • Educational qualifications are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • Referee Report feedback will be conducted online.  ASPS recommends applicants carefully read sections 6.3.1 through 6.13.
  • Valid referees nominations exclude Board Members. Review the list of Board Members here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Selection Initiative

One training position is reserved to support selection opportunities for candidates who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) and who reach the minimum standard for selection.

 RACS Clinical Examination – future minimum eligibility requirement

In 2021 (for the 2022 intake), the RACS Clinical Examination will become a minimum eligibility requirement for selection into Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Contact RACS Examination Department for more information on examination dates, locations and costs.

Related documents:

  • 020 Selection Regulations for Selection into 2021 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery SET: Download updated
    (Previous year: 2019 Selection Regulations for Selection into 2020: Download)
  • 2020 Selection Referee Contact Details: Download
  • Interview Declaration: Download
  • Interview Guide for Candidates: Download
  • Training Agreement: Download

Key Dates for 2020

Selection Registration Opens Monday 6 January 2020 12:00pm AEDT
Selection Registration ClosesMonday 3 February 2020 5:00pm AEDT
Selection Application OpensWednesday 20 May 2020 12:00pm AEDT
Selection Application ClosesWednesday 3 June 2020 12:00pm AEDT
Interviews12, 13 and 16 September
Announcement of offers (Australia)To be advised
Last Date for OffersMonday 30 November 2020

Application Processing Fee

All applicants will be charged a non-refundable application processing fee which must be paid at the time of application.

The 2020 fee is $828.00 (in GST).

Support for Applicants

Should the SET application process raise difficulties for you or feeling that you do not know how to deal with, ASPS suggests you to seek out support and advice from these or other related organisations.

Beyond Blue support services:


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