Selection for SET

Updated: 20 September 2023

Trainees for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are selected on a competitive basis. Strict eligibility criteria apply and are published annually on The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) website. The P&RS Regulations for Selection are subject to annual review, and are published on this page each November.

All enquiries must be sent in writing to

Review the archive of previous notices about Selection for SET rule changes.

Important Notices for the 2024 selection round

2024 Selection documentation is published

20 Sept. 2023 – 2024 Selection Regulations and Contact nomination form are published on the ASPS website. See links below.

Points for surgical experience (2024 – 2026)

1 Sept. 2023 – Over the next three years, the Board will align points for non-accredited surgical experience in both plastic surgery and non-plastic surgery specialties (includes any RACS Specialty and ObGyn, Ophthalmology, Max Fax and Dermatology). These changes are to enable a broader range of skills in the first year appointees while also facilitating lateral career options for applicants who reach the maximum attempt limit.

Surgical Experience Category (following consideration for minimum eligibility)Existing points 2023 (2024 intake)2024 (2025 intake) points2025 (2026 intake) points2026 (2027 intake) points
Resident level or higher (PGY2+) experience in P&RS over the last five (5) years (regulation 2.1).15 points per half year (26 weeks)No change15 points per six month period (maximum 45 points)15 points per six month period (maximum 30 points)
Accredited SET experience NOT in P&RS over the last five (5) years (regulation 2.1).15 points per half year (26 weeks)No changeNo changeNo change
Registrar level or higher (PGY3+) experience NOT in P&RS and NOT in SET, over the last five (5) years (regulation 2.1).5 points per half year (26 weeks)15 points per six month period (maximum 30 points)15 points per six month period (maximum 30 points)15 points per six month period (maximum 30 points)
Resident Level or higher (PGY2+) in PRS in last 5 years (five years prior to the closing date). Experience counted towards the 10 week entry requirement is not eligible for points.3 points per 10 week rotationNo changeNo changeNo change

Rural Selection Initiative

1 Sept. 2023 – The Board has set a minimum time requirement of 12 months (cumulative) for creditworthiness of pre-vocational medical and surgical experience in MM2+ locations (irrespective of full or part time basis).

The Department of Health’s Health Workforce Locator must be used to download health workforce classification and geographical information equal to MM2 through MM7 of the current Monash Modified Model.

Gaps in surgical experience

1 Sept. 2023 – Gaps in surgical experience must be accounted for and must include evidence in support of the gap in surgical experience. These may include non-surgical employment, study, medical need, family or primary carer commitments, professional sporting commitments and personal time. A statutory declaration is required evidence

Higher degrees (Selection Regulation 5.10)

1 Sept. 2023 – Testamurs are no longer valid evidence. Transcript from awarding university must be used as evidence of completion of degrees, or letters for proof of enrolment in a degree.

Masters of Surgery awarded by University of Sydney is excluded as a creditworthy degree.

Contacts and Referees

20 Sept. 2023 – The contact nomination form is published (see links below).

1 Sept. 2023 – Applicants must provide contacts which comply with 2024 selection regulations 6.3.1 and 6.3.2. The Board will determine the validity of the contacts and choose referees (see 2024 selection regulation 6.3.3).

All contacts must be nominated from the valid period of time, generally for the 2 years prior to making an application, except applicants who are enrolled in the last year of a 3-year full time PhD may provide contacts from the 3 years prior to making an application .

Minimum surgical referees must be 6.

Reminder: Ward nurses and allied health (or equivalent) contacts are not valid as referees. Theatre nurses are valid contacts for referees.

  • 2024 Selection Regulations for Selection into 2025 SET Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program: Download
    (Previous year: 2023 Selection Regulations Download)
  • 2024 Selection Contact Nomination Details: Download (Only use Microsoft Excel to edit this file)
  • Interview Declaration: Download
  • Interview Guide for Candidates: Download
  • Training Agreement (v5) (updated 12 July 2023)
  • Training Variation (v7) (updated November 2022)

Key Dates for 2023

Selection Registration Opens (RACS) Tuesday 9 January 2024 12:00pm AEDT
Selection Registration Closes (RACS)Wednesday 31 January 2024 12:00pm AEDT
Selection Application Opens (ASPS)Friday 1 March 2024 12:00pm AEDT
Selection Application Closes (ASPS)Friday 22 March 2024 12:00pm AEDT
Referee ReportingMay 2024 (evenings Mon-Thu)
InterviewsJune 2024 (subject to change)
Latest Announcement of Offers DateWednesday 24 July 2024
Last Date for OffersFriday 8 November 2024

Application Fee

All applicants will be charged a non-refundable application fee which must be paid at the time of application.

The 2024 fee is to be advised.

Support for Applicants

Should the SET application process raise difficulties for you or feeling that you do not know how to deal with, ASPS suggests you to seek out support and advice from these or other related organisations.

Beyond Blue support services:


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